E.L. Trisvetova, M.I. Guseva, K.M. Kaminsky, E.I. Shkrebneva
Absence of characteristic signs leads to late diagnosis of myxoma of the heart, complicated by congestive heart failure, embolism in various vascular regions, cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death. Nonspecific clinical syndromes due to the presence, localization or structural features of the tumor including systemic manifestations, congestive heart failure caused by obstructive intracardiac disorders or embolism in the vessels of the systemic and pulmonary circulation justify the performance of diagnostic methods of heart visualization. An informative noninvasive method of diagnosis is echocardiography, which, in two cases of observation, revealed myxoma of the heart.
keywords: cardiac myxoma, diagnostic methods, clinical symptoms, echocardiography

for references: E.L. Trisvetova, M.I. Guseva, K.M. Kaminsky, E.I. Shkrebneva. Cardiac myxoma - difficult diagnosis cases. Emergency Cardiology and CardiovascularRisks. 2018, vol. 2, № 2, pp. 413-417

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