G.R. Semak, V.A. Zaharava, S.K. Kletsky, T.A. Liatkovskaya, I.Yu. Zherko
Recently, non-Sjogren’s eye disease (DED) has become increasingly frequent in the therapeutic practice. In the Republic of Belarus, about 17–25% of the population over 40 years old suffer from corneal conjunctival xerosis of various severity. DED can develop both as an outcome of eye diseases and on the background of somatic pathology (diabetes mellitus, systemic atherosclerosis, menopausal syndrome, arterial hypertension, thyroid disease and metabolic syndrome) and is often associated with the systemic and topical use of medications (β-blockers, diuretics, analgesics, antidepressants, etc.). With the progression of corneal dystrophy and albugo formation, various types of donor cornea keratoplasty are used. In the best clinics, a 5-year transplant survival associated with the tear film deficiency is less than 50%.
keywords: dry eye disease, Sjogren syndrome, keratoplasty, hyaluronic acid, regeneration, comorbid patient

for references: TG.R. Semak, V.A. Zaharava, S.K. Kletsky, T.A. Liatkovskaya, I.Yu. Zherko. Non-sjögren syndrome dry eye in general medical practice: causes, outcomes, treatment tactics. Neotlozhnaya kardiologiya i kardioovaskulyarnye riski [Emergency cardiology and cardiovascular risks], 2019, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 719–725

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