A.I. Kubarko, V.A. Mansurov, A.D. Svetlichny, L.D. Ragunovich
The objective of the research work was to develop devices and algorithm for synchronous recording of pulse waves and ECG for measuring the delay time of pulse waves in the branches of various arteries relative to the R wave on an ECG, and to carry out computer simulation of the pulse wave propagation process to determine the dependence of the pulse wave propagation velocity on branching and other hemodynamic and morphological parameters of blood vessels.
keywords: pulse wave, pulse wave propagation velocity, small arterial vessels, pulse wave propagation modeling

for references: A.I. Kubarko, V.A. Mansurov, A.D. Svetlichny, L.D. Ragunovich. Рulse waves рropagation in small vessels: measurement results and modelling approaches. Neotlozhnaya kardiologiya i kardioovaskulyarnye riski [Emergency cardiology and cardiovascular risks], 2020, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 1037–1044

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