P. Koshevsky, S. Alekseyev, O. Popkov, V. Ginyuk, N. Bovtiuk
Introduction. Pathomorphological changes in destructive pancreatitis develop both in the pancreas and in various organs and tissues, it determining the clinical course and outcome of the disease. Most often in destructive pancreatitis, the cardiopulmonary system is affected, as well as the liver, kidneys, and brain. Damage to these target organs is one of the main elements of pathogenesis and thanatogenesis in destructive pancreatitis and is of interest not only for surgeons, but also for other clinical specialists, including cardiologists. Aim. To conduct a retrospective analysis of the most common morphostructural changes in the cardiopulmonary system and other target organs based on the results of autopsy reports of the deceased from destructive forms of acute and chronic pancreatitis and to identify the most characteristic morphostructural changes in the target organs.
keywords: destructive pancreatitis, target organs, morphostructural changes

for references: P. Koshevsky, S. Alekseyev, O. Popkov, V. Ginyuk, N. Bovtiuk. Pancreatogenic morphostructural changes in the heart, lungs and other target organs in destructive pancreatitis. Neotlozhnaya kardiologiya i kardiovaskulyarnye riski [Emergency cardiology and cardiovascular risks], 2021, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1217–1222.

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